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Mrs. Chacon Biography

I'm happy to be back at Hidden Hills for a 7th year!  I spent my first 4 years here teaching 3rd grade, and am very excited to be teaching Kindergarten AND1st grade again this year!  I've always loved teaching the foundations of learning, so it's fun to be back working with young ones again.   I started my teaching career over 20 years ago, teaching 4th grade at Greenbrook in Danville.  I went on to teach 1st grade there, then moved to Valencia in Southern California where I taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten for 3 1/2 years.  When my son, Trevor, was born in 2006, I took 6 years off.  When my son entered 1st grade at Bollinger Canyon, I went back to work and was hired here at Hidden Hills.  My son is now a 7th grader at Iron Horse Middle School! I love teaching and was elated to meet so many great families and co-workers!

My husband, my son, and I live in San Ramon near Memorial Park.  We like to go to the lake on our houseboat and to go on vacations.  We love going to Giants baseball games and Cal football games.  I like to spend time with my family, read, and have fun! The past summer we got a puppy! His name is Scout and he is a Portuguese Water Dog.

scholastic book orders

The code for Scholastic Book Orders for my class is: LD9LQ

i will try and send home the catalogs, but you can always go online and order on your own any time you wish.

Thank you.  Your purchases help me build our classroom library.

Back to School Night information

Marlene Chacon


December 4, 2018


I can't believe it's already December!  November seemed to fly by.   I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break. With the cancelation of school the Friday before Thanksgiving, we had to do our November cooking project of making turkeys out of an Oreo and candies AFTER Thanksgiving.  I also used this as a way to practice non-fiction "How To" writing with my 1st graders. 


December is starting out full of fun!  We are learning about different winter holidays and how they are celebrated by people all around the world.  It's always so interesting to learn about different cultures, customs, and traditions and often see all the similarities between us all.  I hope your child can teach you a few new things about Las Posadas, Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan, St Lucia, Hanuakkah, and Kwanzaa.


We have TWO big events is December in our class!  We will be making gingerbread cookies on Wednesday, Dec 19th!  On Thursday, December 20th we are having Hibernation Day!  A letter went home about Hibernation Day in Friday Folders.  We will have a day filled with reading, snacks, and fun before we go off for Winter Break.  The kids LOVE wearing their pajamas or "cozy" clothes, bringing a small blanket and stuffed animal and books.  We will be having cookies and milk and having guest readers come in throughout the morning.




October 17, 2018

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to all of you.  It was fantastic to meet with you all last week during conferences.  I know it is difficult to have minimum days all week and busy to get away from work for our meeting, but I really enjoyed meeting with you. 

Now, down to business:

I have a few updates for  you:

1) Our entire class (Kinders and 1st grade) will be having additional PE time on Fridays! They will be going out with Mr. Pearson and the One on One Sports coaches from 10:20 - 11:10 every Friday.  Students need to wear shoes they can run in and no dresses/skirts. We suggest students bring water bottles on PE days. 

2) Our Raz-kids online reading program was reloaded and now we have new login information.  I am working on inputting all of the student names and passwords  - including Kindergarteners - and will print out the cards and send them home ASAP.

3) Halloween is in two weeks!  We are on a REGULAR schedule for Kinder (8:15 - 11:50) and a minimum day schedule for 1st grade (8:15 - 12:10).  Students can wear costumes to school.  No masks, full face paint, weapons, or scary/bloody costumes allowed.  Students must follow rules for dress code (including proper shoes).     We will be having a several activities in the classroom from 8:45 - 9:45.  You will receive a sign-up genius some time soon if you would like to help with stations and/or donate any items.  You MUST be cleared in Be A Mentor if you would like to volunteer in the room.    The school-wide parade is on the main blacktop playground from 11:00 - 11:45. Everyone is invited to come onto the playground to see the kids in the parade.

4)   NO SCHOOL on Friday, Nov 2nd.

5)  My online website through Schoolloop will be down for a several days starting next week and continuing through the beginning of November.  We received notice from the district that the Schoolloop program is going through an update and will be off-line for a while.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

I think that's all for now:-)


September 28, 2018


Wow!  How is it the END of September??


Please go to my Sign Up Genius to schedule a conference during the week of Oct.8th


We have a several minimum days coming up in October:  Tuesday, Oct. 2nd,  Monday - Friday, Oct 8th - 12th, and Wednesday, Oct. 31st.  All students arrive at 8:15.   Kindergarteners are dismissed at 10:50 and 1st graders at 12:10.  First graders will NOT be eating lunch at school on minimum days, so please pack them a hearty snack.


Homework started for the Kindergarteners on September 1st.  Their reading log and calendar is due October 1st.  A new one will be giving to them on October 1st.


Homework for the 1st graders will start on October 1st.  They will be giving a R.E.D. folder on October 1st.  There is a letter inside the folder that explains what is to be done (don't worry - it's easy and fun).  I will discuss it with the kids before it goes home.  We are also asking all 1st graders to go onto Dreambox several times a week to work on their math skills.  




August 11th 2018!


Hello E1 Families,

I am very excited to be teaching the K/1 combo this year!  We have 12 Kindergarteners and 14 First graders. I am sure you have a lot of questions and I can't wait to talk with you at Back to School Night on TUESDAY, August 14th from 6:00 - 6:45 1st grade parents - PLEASE NOTE that we are meeting at the TK/K time and NOT the school-wide 1st grade time!!  


It was fantastic to meet so many of my 1st graders and parents on Meet and Greet yesterday (Friday, Aug 10th)!  Please come to the playground by 8:15 on Monday and meet at our line (E1).  You will be dismissed at 12:10. 


My Kindergarteners and parents - I look forward to meeting you on MONDAY!  Please come to the Kindergarten playground by 8:15.  We will have our Meet and Greet from 8:15 - 9:00, and then you are invited to meet with Mrs. Huynh for a parent coffee at 9:00.  Kindergarteners will be dismissed at 9:50 at the back gate near the kindergarten rooms and Growing Room parking lot. 


A few reminders for Monday:

-Plan to leave your house early as there will be LOTS of traffic!

-Pack a healthy snack on Monday (No Lunch) and write your name on the package if possible.


The arrival and dismissal schedule is a little different the first two weeks of school.


On Monday, Aug 13th - Kinder is from 8:15 - 9:50   and 1st grade is 8:15 - 12:10


After Monday, ALL of my Kindergartners will be on an Early schedule - meaning they arrive at 8:15 and are dismissed at 11:50.


My 1st grader's schedule is a little more complicated:


Starting Tuesday, Aug 14th and continuing for that week and the next week:

 My 1st graders come 8:15 - 1:40 every day.

On Monday, Aug 27th ALL of my 1st grade students will be on the Late schedule (or what many families know as "PM Readers" - meaning they arrive at 9:10 and stay until 2:50 EXCEPT on Wednesdays when all students 1st - 5th are here 8:15 - 1:40.


Upcoming Events



Wednesday, December 19th - Gingerbread cookies ( a sign-up genius will go out for a few helpers)

Thursdays, December 20th - End of the Semester    MINIMUM DAY and Hibernation Day!!  ( a sign- up genius will go out for snacks and volunteer readers)

Friday, Dec. 21 - Monday, January 7th WINTER BREAK!

Tuesday, January 8th 2019 - 1st day back to school in 2019

               Report Cards go home

Save & Exit




Kinder - Reading log.  Calendar is OPTIONAL in December.

              On Dec 3rd, the procedures for the reading and writing homework went home.  Please look through this and give it a try. I will be working with the students to practice this too.  In January, this will become weekly homework in my class.


1st grade - R.E.D folder and Dreambox starting Oct. 1st

First Grade Homework begins October 1st

R.E.D. Folder (Read Every Day Folder)

·       Students will receive a R.E.D (Read Every Day) Folder.

·       This folder will be sent home every Monday and should be returned to your teacher each Friday (Thursday if there is no school on Friday)

·       Instructions for the R.E.D. Folder are attached to the inside of the folder. Please be sure to have book discussions with your child and sign off on their reading log when they complete the reading task.

·       Blank reading logs will be posted in the First Grade Locker on schoolloop ( if you need a new one. Just attach reading log on top of current log inside the R.E.D. Folder.


DreamBox Math

·       Please have your child work for at least 10-15 minutes a night on DreamBox (our online math program). This is an individualized math program that will adjust to meet each students’ needs as they master a concept. 

·       Teachers will be checking Dreambox to monitor student progress.



Class Schedule



Tuesdays - Music 10:55 - 11:35  (K and 1st)


Wednesdays - Library  10:20 - 10:50  (K and 1st)    Computer Prep 12:50 - 1:40 (1st only)

Thursdays -    Computer lab 10:55 - 11:25 (Kinder and 1st grade)    PE prep 2:00 - 2:50  (1st only)

Fridays - PE Prep 10:20 - 11:10 (K AND 1st)

Science Lab   2:00 - 2:50 (1st only)


What's Happening Across the Curriculum in November and December


Leveled Guided Reading groups in K and 1st.  Kinders have been doing a great job with letter names and sounds.  We are working on reading and writing 3 letter words, rhyming, and reading comprehension.  1st graders are learning more spelling patterns, working on reading comprehension and inferential questions. 1st graders will finish their unit on non-fiction reading in December. 1st graders will continue working on their Reader's Workshop Stop and Jot journals.



Both grades continue to work on Narrative Writing (write about what is happening or has happened to the child) throughout the year in their Weekend Writing Journals.   Kinders are working to complete at least one sentence - using a capital letter to start, phonetic spelling, space between words, and end punctuation.  1st graders will be writing across 3 pages, using multiple sentences.  They should be using correct capitalization and end punctuation and begin writing with description and details.  In December and into January, 1st graders will be learning about an animal and creating a group poster about a bear and then an individual report.

The creation of thematic class books is on-going. 




K - Module 2- adding and subtracting numbers up to 10

1st - Module 2 - addition and subtraction strategies and word problems up to 20

These math concepts and Modules will continue into January.


Social Studies:

Holidays, traditions, customs.




1st - sound

K - animal adaptations, seasons



Winter Holidays