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Mrs. Chacon Biography

I'm happy to be back at Hidden Hills for a 8th year!  I spent my first 4 years here teaching 3rd grade, two years teaching 1st grade, last year teaching a K/1 combo, and this year KINDERGARTEN!!!!  I've always loved teaching the foundations of learning, so it's fun to be back working with young ones again.   I started my teaching career over 20 years ago, teaching 4th grade at Greenbrook in Danville.  I went on to teach 1st grade there, then moved to Valencia in Southern California where I taught 3rd grade and Kindergarten for 3 1/2 years.  When my son, Trevor, was born in 2006, I took 6 years off.  When my son entered 1st grade at Bollinger Canyon, I went back to work and was hired here at Hidden Hills.  My son is now n 8th grader at Iron Horse Middle School. 

My husband, my son, and I live in San Ramon near Memorial Park.  We like to go to the lake on our houseboat and to go on vacations.  We love going to Giants baseball games and Cal football games.  I like to spend time with my family, read, and go on walks with our puppy, Scout.  

scholastic book orders

The code for Scholastic Book Orders for my class is: LD9LQ

i will try and send home the catalogs, but you can always go online and order on your own any time you wish.

Thank you.  Your purchases help me build our classroom library.

Back to School Night information

Marlene Chacon


March 2, 2020

Happy Read Across America/Dr. Seuss' Birthday :-)


GREAT job on the FUN RUN last month!  We had almost all our families out there cheering us on and running, too!  We raised a lot of money for the great programs here at Hidden Hills.  Thank you to all the families who volunteered at the Fun Run, too!


THANK YOU to the many families who provided supplies and treats for our Valentine's Day party.  The kids had fun decorating cookies, chatting with friends, and watching a cartoon.  I appreciate your generous gifts for me, too :-)


Our field trip to The Marketplace (we are going to RoundTable Pizza, Trader Joes, and the library) is THIS WEDNESDAY!  Please have your child wear their green shirt.  They do not need a snack or their tote bag that day.   We are leaving at 8:30 am, so please be at school by 8:15.  Thank you for the parents who are able to drive and chaperone!  I know it's a lot of work getting documents updated and uploaded in Be A Mentor to drive!!   On the morning of the trip ALL STUDENTS must bring a booster seat labeled with their names.  If your child requires a full carseat, you will need to stay until 8:30 and install it in the driver's car.  


We had fun today celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday and will continue to read Dr. Seuss books this month.  We will also be celebrating St. Patrick's Day and making Irish soda bread in a few weeks.  We are studying the plants, animals, customs and countries in South America in preparation for the school-wide museum in the MPR.


March is FILLED with events!!

March 4th  - field trip to Marketplace

March 12th   - Open House/MPR Museum Event

Week of March 16th - NO HOMEWORK WEEK

March 18 - 20th MINIMUM DAYS - ALL KINDERS 8:00 - 10:50


Open House is March 12th from 6:00 - 7:00.  Families are invited to come into the classroom and see what we've been working on.  There will also be a special event in the MPR from 6:00 - 8:00 pm - Kinder's work about South America will be on display.


Week of March 16th is Dougherty Valley NO HOMEWORK WEEK.  Put away the paper, pens, and technology and enjoy time playing outside, singing, dancing, playing board games, reading, etc with friends and family.  


March 18 - 20th are Minimum Days for conferences.  I will be contacting you by Thursday, March 5th if I would like to meet.  If you have any questions or concerns and I do not contact you for a conference, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.   I REALLY wish I had time to meet with everyone to check-in, but there is not time for that. I am in the process of assessing students and plan to give everyone a progress report by the last week in March.  


We are collecting new games for our class Auction Basket.  You received an email from Harmeet last week about this.  This is an annual fundraiser.  The auction will be online only - starting in early April.   We would appreciate all games to be turned in to me by the end of this week.  Thanks for supporting our school.



PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE label ALL your child's items (jackets/sweatshirts, water bottles, snack containers, etc).  We have many lost items and items that sit around my classroom our outside in the playground that go unclaimed.






February 3, 2020
Happy February!

There is SOOOO much going on in our classroom, in Kindergarten, and at our school!!


Last week we had a good time celebrating the 100th day of school.  I can't believe we are at this point of the school year!  We also celebrated the Lunar New Year.  We started learning to write a non-fiction "How to" paper explaining the steps to do an activity.  Building a donut snowman, writing, and drawing the First, Next, Then, Last steps was fun and delicious :-)  We will continue on with the How to writing this month and also write narratives (students writing about what they did).  We are really encouraging the students to write more than one sentence and use capitals, spaces between words, end punctuation, and phonetic spelling (stretching out the words/saying it slowly and writing down all the sounds they hear).   We have learned the letter formation and sounds of ALL 26 letters!! We are still adding 2 sight words per week (please let me know if you need another list).   In math, we are continuing to use number bonds and pictures to write and create number sentences for addition up to 10.  Next week, I will be sending home the completed workbook pages from the beginning of the math unit.  We complete the math whole-class, talking and solving together on the overhead  - so all of the work should be filled-in an correct (unless your child was absent or out of the room for some reason).   Dreambox is a great way to practice too.  Please keep practicing writing numbers correctly, counting up to 100 by ones and tens too.  We will work on addition to 10 for the rest of the month.   In science, we are learning about weather.  Please keep reading - anything and everything!!  Don't forget about Raz-Kids.    The students' skills are building every day!  We are learning more about parts of the story:  character, setting, problem, and solution.  Our homework for February is new and supporting this.

    A note about homework:   Reading with your child is very important to their development.  The purpose of the reading log/written assignment is a reminder to read and have a discussion with your child about what they think and feel about a story and then write down a little of that conversation to practice some writing skills (don't worry about your child spelling all of the words right).  My goal is for this to be a fun time for you;  a time when you can help your child learn, celebrate their growth, share ideas.  As many of us are working parents, I also know this is difficult and can become stressful. You can always do reading and the writing on the weekend if that's better for you. Or you can try reading in the morning if your evenings get too busy. Please let me know if you need some suggestions on how to work with your child.  I can also lend you some books at your child's level if you are struggling to find books they like/can read. We ask that you read 5-10 minutes.  The written assignment should not take more than 10-15 minutes (of focused work).  If your child is distracted  or becomes frustrated and takes longer than 10-15 minutes, please put the work away and complete another day - even if that means they need to turn it in on Monday.  The homework also is used as a tool to help teach responsibility - but we have to remember our kids are only 5 or 6 years old and they have LOTS of time to be responsible :-)


We have a field trip coming up in March to learn about our community.  I am finalizing the information this weekend, but the plan is to go to the San Ramon Library, tour Trader Joe's and Round Table Pizza in the Market Place on Wednesday, March 4th.  We will need DRIVERS for this field trip.  If you would like to drive, please go into Be A Mentor ASAP and do the necessary procedures - I believe you need to scan your driver's license and a copy of your declarations page of your insurance showing your coverages (NOT a copy of your insurance card).  The system must clear you through DMV, so this takes some time to get approval once you have uploaded all the information.


Finally - GREAT job on getting registered and pledges for the FUN RUN!!  The run in coming up on Wednesday, February 5th. There is weekend challenges: register this weekend and/or get pledges and you will receive a special prize.  


 Don't forget - we did such a good job as a class, that we earned pajama day AND bring a stuffed animal to school on MONDAY!


Hello again!  

I knew I was going to forget some things :-)

Next week is Words Matter Week. This is a district-wide event. 

There has been information about this in the Hawk Alert.  We will be writing notes to thank the firefighters, sharing kind words with classmates, writing encouraging letters to children in hospitals, and celebrating caring and kindness.


Valentine's Day is coming up!!  We will be making a valentine envelope in class to hold the valentines the students share.  Students can bring in valentines (and a small candy if they want) to pass out to their classmates.  We have 24 students ( our friend Pierce is no longer at our school, they moved to Brentwood).  Please have your child write their name on the valentine under the "from" part, but DO NOT write the "to" for a specific child in the class - the students will go around the room and drop one valentine in each envelope and having specific names on it takes too long.    We will be having a simple party that day.  We will be frosting sugar cookies and decorating them with sprinkles.  A sign-up genius will be going home later this week to ask for donations of times and help.  


If your child earned a prize on Friday and did not receive it, they will get it on Monday.  I was at a training on Friday and had a substitute.  I am not sure if she was able to pass out the prizes. . . 


December 19, 2019


Hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break! We have been busy getting ready for the end of the semester and the upcoming holidays.  Lots of work has been accomplished, and some fun times too.  We finished the lessons we planned to cover in the green math book and the science unit and those workbooks went home today.  You many notice there are some lessons not complete and that is due to the fact that we cover some of the curriculum with different activities.  We encourage you to look through the books and  talk with your child about what they learned. The science workbooks are beautiful with lots of fun activities!  The second half of the math workbooks are "homework" pages for each lesson.  These are GREAT practice pages to use to reinforce what we have done and practice writing numbers (many students have at least one number they do not write correctly, so practicing is helpful).   

Thank you for all the candy/food donations for the gingerbread houses.  The kids had a BLAST on Wednesday!!

Tomorrow (Friday, Dec 20th) is a minimum day - all kinders arrive by 8:15 and are dismissed at 10:50.  It is also school-wide Pajama Day;  students are encouraged to wear pajamas or comfy clothing.  Please be sure to wear normal school shoes (no slippers).

We return to school on TUESDAY, January 7th.  There is no homework during vacation OR the first week back to school.  Please keep reading, play board games and card games, write thank you notes or emails, and have fun together.

Enjoy your vacation! 



December 11, 2019


Hello families,

Thank you for the donations for the gingerbread houses.  We received a lot of yummy items to put on the houses and create cute, gooey fun.  We will be making the gingerbread houses in the MPR with our buddies next Wednesday, Dec 18th from 8:30 - 9:30 am. 

Friday, Dec 20th is also an action-packed day!!  It is a MINIMUM DAY - ALL kinder students 8:00 - 10:50 am.   We are having Pajama Day where all students can wear cozy sweats or pajamas to school (please no slippers - must wear school shoes).  We are ALSO making gingerbread cookies that morning.  I am making the dough at home and the kids will be shaping the cookie and we will bake it here at school and eat it.  The gingerbread boy LOVES to run away. . .  so we will see what happens :-)   I could use a few parents to help me from 8:30 - 9:30 on Friday, Dec 20th.  PLEASE send me an email if you would like to come help.

I hope you are enjoying this busy time!

November 4, 2019

Thank you to the MANY parents who came to help with the Halloween activities.  The kids had a great time!

And, Thank You to Suguna (also known as Arnav's mom) for coming to our class last week to tell us the story of Diwali and bring the diyas for the students to decorate and take home!!

The Fall Carnival is almost here!  I have received a few donations for the prizes - thank you :-)

We need a few more volunteers for our booth.  

The Ed Fun is also asking for volunteers to help with the set-up, take-down, and overall running of the carnival.  Please go to the Sign-Up Genius below for that:

This Friday Night is Family Fun Night here at the school.

Our Kindergarten Thanksgiving "Feast" is Friday, November 22nd.  Please remember that ALL student are on the AM schedule that day (8:15 - 11:50).

We are adding a bit of writing to our homework starting next week. A new paper and sample will be going home this Friday.

I am truly thankful to all of you!


October 20, 2019

We are well underway in Kindergarten!   We sure do get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time each day.  The kids are really making progress on reading and writing!  Our goal is to read stories that repeat using the sight words and pictures.  In writing, we use those sight words in addition to other words they can sound-out to write about events in their lives and what they like.   In math, we are writing and using numbers up to 10. In science, we are learning about plant needs, animal needs, and living vs non-living things.  We will be studying, reading, writing, and doing art about  bats, pumpkins, and spiders this month.


Halloween is coming soon!  Please note –this is a minimum day, so ALL Kinders will come at 8:15 and be dismissed at 10:50.  This is an activity-packed day!   All Kinders will be rotating to the 3 Kinder classrooms to do a variety of activities from 8:45 – 9:45 am.  You received a Sign-Up Genius if you would like to help.   We will be having a snack in our classroom from 9:45 – 10:15, and then a parade from 10:20 – 10:50.  This year parade will be on our Kindergarten playground -NOT THE MAIN PLAYGROUND WITH THE WHOLE SCHOOL.  We are asking Kinder families to come to the gate near the Kindergarten yard starting at 10:00.  You will need to sign- in AT THE KINDER GATE (NOT the main office) – Please look for our room parents Maria and Harmeet for the sign-in sheet..  Families will go onto the Kinder playground and stand along the edge.  We will parade the kids around the perimeter of the playground two times.  You will have time to take pictures with your child and their friends after the parade. 


And for MORE good times - The Hidden Hills Fall Carnival is Saturday, November 16th.  This is a fun family event.  We need some volunteers to help our TK/K booth.  Please go to the link below to sign up for a time slot:

You have been invited by the Kindergarten / TK Team to sign up for "2019 HHES Fall Carnival Kindergarten Booth Volunteers". Please click on the SignUp Genius link ( ) to view the online sign up sheet.”


August 25, 2019



Our AM/PM schedule starts this week!

AM  8:20 - 11:50

PM 9:20 - 12:50   ( I will have my door open at 9:15).

Please remember that ALL Wednesdays are 8:20 - 11:50 for ALL Kindergarteners.


August 12, 2019


Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Our first day of school is Tuesday, August 13th from 8:20 - 9:50 am. My door (K2) will be opened at 8:00 am.   Parents are come into the classroom and stay the first 40 minutes with their child, then return at 9:50 am to pick them up.


Back to School Night is Tuesday, August 13th 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  This is for adults only.


Starting the week of Nov 12, we are asking the children to write a simple sentence about one of the books they read. Please "gently" remind them to start with a capital letter, use the sight words they know, space between words, and use a end punctuation.  We will practice in class, too.   Please let me know if this assignment causes too much stress - we want writing to be a fun and positive experience :-)

Weekly Reading Response - draw a detailed picture (don't forget to use at least 5 colors in your drawing).

Reading log




Class Schedule

Mondays - Computer Lab


Wednesdays - Music 



Fridays   - Library



What's Happening Across the Curriculum



Continuing to add sight words

Retelling a story: First, Next, Then, Finally

Making a connection to the story.




Continue writing narratives

COPS (Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling)

Stretching out words to write all the sounds

Sharing writing with teacher/partner and then adding MORE

All About - non-fiction   

     All About Me and Rainforest Animals



Finishing Module 4  - addition and subtraction 0 - 10

Solving word problems - drawing pictures and number bonds to tell the story.

Number formation


Social Studies/Science/Themes:

Read Across America - Dr. Seuss

St. Patrick's Day


Community Helpers

Rainforest Animals








Sight words

Student books that follow patterns

retelling story

telling favorite part






Letter formation

Writing our ideas over several pages

Using sight words

Stretching out words to write unknown words

Space between words

End with a punctuation

Begin with a capital letter

How To Writing - non-fiction

All About Writing - non-fiction




Writing numbers 0 -10

Adding and subtracting numbers 6-10

Creating and solving word problems


Social Studies:

February holidays - Groundhogs Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, Chinese New Year



weather, dental health



February holidays