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Jennifer Johnson-Phillips

Important Dates

Reportcards come home

January 18


Fun Run

February 6


San Juan Batista

State Historic Park

February 20, 8:00-4:00


"Gold Dust or Bust" Play

March 28, 9:30 AM


Oakland Museum



Volunteer Breakfast



CA Living History &

Open House

May 16, 7:00-8:00


Gold Rush Day

May 24


International Dance Day

May 29, 8:15 AM

Cassandra English & Jennifer Johnson-Phillips

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Highlights for the Month


  • Studying adaptations and how living things need each other.

  • Moving forward in Geometry with lines, points, & rays.

  • Getting a handle on Shapes and Angles.

  • Noticing what is new when Note Taking.

  • Diving into a the book: Island of the Blue Dolphins.

  • Learning from the traditions of California's Native people.

  • Building dioramas and presenting to classmates about the tribes of California.

  • Learning about the collage art of Pablo Picasso and Lois Ehlert.

  • Creating Snowman collage art.

  • Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. with art and literature!


  • Experiencing hands-on Science at Camp Arroyo.

  • Learning about plants, animals, and ecosystems.

  • Building Math muscles by Multiplying with two digit numbers.

  • Wrapping up the Box of Chocolates math challenge.

  • Publishing Poetry.

  • Exploring Google Slides.

  • Building a 3D map of California.

  • Creating Snowflake Art with our First Grade Buddies.

  • Attending the Instrumental Music Winter Concert.

  • Learning about different cultures for International Week.

  • Celebrating together at the Multicultural Luncheon.

  • Building Gingerbread Houses at our class pajama party!

Our Year So Far


  • Learning about Minerals,the building blocks of rocks.

  • Getting the facts on Factors, Prime Numbers, and Long Division.

  • Playing math games in Dreambox.

  • Reading Nonfiction chapter books with a partner.

  •  Exploring Text Features.
  • Sharing research with parents and students at Genius Hour.

  • Making history come to life with Historical Fiction Book Clubs.

  • Learning about Spelling Patterns and Word Study.

  • Studying geography with Map making, Longitude and Latitude, and California's Regions.

  • Being creative with California State Shapes.

  • Partner Reading with our First Grade buddies.

  • Reciting Fall poetry in our Lingo Lounge in preparation for Thanksgiving.


  • Getting the shakedown on Geology and natural hazards such as landslides, earthquakes, and wildfires.

  • Wrapping ourselves around Measurement, Area, and Perimeter.

  • Multiplying and Dividing large numbers.

  • Creating interesting characters and writing Realistic Fiction stories.

  • Thinking deeply about Characters and Plot in longer chapter books.

  • Celebrating Little House in the Big Woods

  • Learning to read Nonfiction well.

  • Creating Fall Art with our first grade Buddies.

  • Learning about the art of Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Setting goals and attending parent-student-teacher Conferences.

  • Celebrating Autumn at the Hidden Hills Fall Carnival.

  • Learning about the Donner Party, the Big Four, and the Ten Mile Day.

  • Visiting Sacramento to see the State Capital, the Railroad Museum, and Sutter's Fort!


  • Sliding into Geology with land formations including Mt. Diablo.

  • Mastering Multiplication and Division Facts for speed and accuracy.

  • Working with numbers in the hundred-thousands and millions.

  • Writing intensely and creating multiple paragraphs.

  • Deepening narrative writing by adding strong leads, dialogue, and vivid verbs.

  • Exploring complex characters in "Just Right" chapter books.

  • Reading intensely using strategies such as Envisioning, Connecting, and Summarizing.

  • Learning about authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Penny Warner.

  • Getting to know our first grade Buddies.

  • Being creative with California Poppy paintings and California State Shapes.

  • Learning about the artist Georgia O’Keefe.

  • Painting watercolor Self-Portraits with an 1800's theme.

  • Learning about California's government and creating a Class Constitution.

  • Writing letters to Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Celebrating California's birthday!

Homework Reminders

~Nightly Reading~

As part of the nightly reading homework, students should begin by reading one or two pages aloud, then complete their time by reading silently. It is wonderful when parents also take an interest by asking questions, taking turns reading, and making observations. Then students need to write a short response to what they have read using complete sentences and correct spelling. Some nights, students will be reading nonfiction (Science or Social Studies) and writing their responses. Other nights, students will be reading fiction in their Just Right chapter books and writing their responses in their reading notebooks (directions can be found in Reading Responses in HOMEWORK LINKS above). 

~Signing the Planner~

After students have finished their homework, parents should check the homework carefully.  Parents should then sign the planner confirming that the reading and homework have been completed. Any special notes to the teacher may also be included in the planner. Total homework time should range from 45 to 60 minutes, including the reading.

~Eureka Math~

Math homework can be found in each student's math workbook. If students or parents wish to review the lesson, they can click on Math Video Tutorials in HOMEWORK LINKS above. 

Students will also need to practice their math facts regularly. Flash cards work well, or students can click on Math Facts Practice in HOMEWORK LINKS above. 

We are very fortunate this year to provide each child with a DREAMBOX account! They can sign using the link in HOMEWORK LINKS above. If students would like additional challenging problems, they can also check out the links under MATH ENRICHMENT. 


Video About Camp Arroyo


Video about fourth grade


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