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Important Dates

October 31st- Minimum Day, 8:15-12:10pm

October 31st- Halloween Parade, 11:00am

November 2- No school, Staff Development Day

November 12- Veteran's Day, No School

November 19-23- Thanksgiving Break 







Talia Johnson

Software Update

We will not be able to edit our page from October 26th-November 10th. Thank you for your patience.



What’s been happening in D8?

Reader’s Workshop– Students have been learning to “drop the bad reading habits” and replace them with good reading habits.  Ask your child to explain “the freeze,” “the blooper,” the mumble,” and “tell me.” Instead of letting these bad habits stop us, we are learning new strategies to help us solve tricky words. These include: using the picture for meaning, making the first sound of the tricky word, looking at the tricky word in “parts,” and then asking yourself, “does that look right? Does that make sense?” Our readers are doing a great job with this! Keep it up!

Writer’s Workshop–  Writers have been focusing on adding more detail to their writing.  We are finding descriptive words to make our stories more interesting. 

Math–  Students have been hard at work in math!  They have been working on doubles addition (2+2, 3+3, 4+4…) and doubles plus one addition (2+3, 3+4, 4+5..).  They have been learning multiple strategies to solve addition and subtraction equations; including, counting on, counting back, using a number path, using a number bond or math picture. We have started solving subtraction equations and story problems.

Book Study– Ask your child to tell you the story of Creepy Carrots. Students made their own “carrot report” and wrote about the beginning, middle, end of the story and characters and setting.


 Phonics-  We are reviewing sounds, digraphs and introducing new sight words. Students have been building words using the digraphs and writing dictated sentences using the new digraphs and sight words.  Students are focusing on proper writing conventions.

Science–  In Lab, our scientists have been studying and exploring light. They have been experimenting with translucent, transparent and opaque objects. They made a spectrometer, learned about shadows and reflection.  We have been logging our findings and research in science journals.

Social Studies– Students have been learning about maps and finding routes to get from point a to point b on a map of a neighborhood. They have learned how to use a  map key. Students discussed the difference between a photograph and a model, in regards to maps and replicas of neighborhoods, are land areas.


Current Assignments

Birthday Items


In staying with the District’s Wellness Plan, we ask that you do not bring food items to celebrate birthdays. If your child wishes to bring an item to share with classmates, please be sure to bring a non-food item, such as stickers, pencils, etc.